Harakiri Updates

The end of the road is near!!!

Update #62

Production status

Once again, we start updating the production status. As you know, the month of February in China is hardly busy, due to the New Year and Lunar Festival festivities. However, we received some additional pictures before the factory closed, and we share them with you so you can see with your own eyes how every day you are closer and closer to having Harakiri: Blades of Honor in your hands.

We are also waiting for confirmation on when all the packaging will be ready to be able to make the freight reservations. We can’t wait!

The world of crowdfunding

During this month, Joel Torres from Synergic Games participated in a debate about the world of crowdfunding along with other publishers in the youtube channel 221B, in which curiosities and opinions about the present and future of the sector are discussed.

We leave you the link in case you want to take a look. 

Esuprunaman’s Corner(XIV)

Hello again, let’s go with the fourteenth installment of this section. As always, your doubts and suggestions are welcome 😊 I hope you like it!

In this case it touches Hiroshi (crossover of Stormsunder) and Demon Kabuki.

For the various desaturated greens: armor, clothes, Hiroshi’s skull, even some ‘whites’: skin and Kabuki prints, I used a mix of: Black, Imperial Blue, Fire Orange and Cold White from Vallejo Game Color.

Mixing two complementary colors (orange and blue) creates a more desaturated color perfect for the areas that we don’t want to stand out so much or to create different shades of white more interesting than pure white.

I hope you liked it and I remind you that you can follow my Harakiri miniatures at: Instagram.

See you next update 😊!

And with this we say goodbye until the next update, in which we hope to already have pictures of the game boxes ready to be shipped. What a thrill :).

Honor to all of you!