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Harakiri: Blades of Honor

Harakiri Blades of Honor is an exciting cooperative campaign game that transports players to a fantastical version of the samurai era. Up to 4 players can join together in an epic adventure to explore a vast and detailed map, while fighting to prevent the Dark Shogun’s influence from spreading throughout Japan. Tactical battles are fought on a board of squares against AI-controlled enemies, while an immersive narrative adds depth to the experience. With components of the highest quality, Harakiri Blades of Honor promises total immersion in this fascinating and dangerous world.

1-4 Players | 60-120 Minutes | +14 Age

Wrath of the Gods desplegado

Wrath of the Gods

In this expansion based on Chinese mythology and stories, four legendary heroes must resolve a contest against the four sacred beasts, including Seiryu, the celestial dragon, the largest miniature in Harakiri: Blades of Honor at almost 7 inches. Combat offers a new perspective with an even more exciting unique card system.

Jubei's Curse desplegado.

Jubei's Curse

Enjoy the most immersive experience of Harakiri: Blades of Honor with this expansion developed from the ground up to be played by a single character, Jubei, and accompany him on this intense journey as you reveal secret boxes containing new components that will further expand the experience. Discover the origin of the Dark Shogun in this new prequel to the events of the main story.

Art by collaborators from Marvel, Magic: The Gathering and others, and components of the highest quality, come together with an immersive story and unique mechanics designed to make each session an unforgettable experience.

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