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Harakiri: Blades of Honor


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PRESALE. Estimated delivery: July 2024.
1-4 Players | 60-120 minutes | +14 years old.

-Harakiri: Blades of Honor (act 1).
-Harakiri: Blades of Honor (act 2).
-Shinigami expansion.
-Sun Wukong alternative miniature.
-Jubei´s Curse expansion.
-Wrath of the Gods expansion.


Discover the history of Harakiri through his 2 campaigns, and be the protagonist of the liberation from the rulership of the Dark Shogun, as well as the two big expansions, with which you can combine some of the content for an even greater experience.


– Rulebooks.
– 2 campaign books (272+172 pages) with 35 chapters with more than 60 hours of gameplay and multiple endings available.
– 4 Character Booklets.
– 10 one-shot scenarios (+15 hours of gameplay).
– Double-sided board with map and mega tile (72*52 cm).
– 86 miniatures including 12 oversized ones including the Dark Shogun (140 mm).
– Storage trays.
– 879 cards.
– +200 tokens.
– 30 dice.
– 12 colored bases.
– 11 double-sided tiles.

Additional content expansion Jubei’s Curse:

– Rulebook.
– Campaign book with 12 chapters (+20 hours of gameplay) designed for a single player adventure where you will follow Jubei’s journey to redemption that connects with the beginning of the events of Act 1.
– 2 additional scenarios (4 hours of gameplay) in which to face the major enemies of this expansion with multiple simultaneous characters.
– 6 miniatures, including several large ones such as the Oni King, a gigantic miniature that occupies 15 squares on the board.
– 3 mystery boxes that will reveal new components (including large miniatures) that will be discovered as the story progresses.
– 174 cards.

Additional Wrath of the Gods expansion content:

– Rulebook.
– Campaign book with 10 chapters that allow the new 4 playable characters to face the wrath of the Chinese divinities that have occupied the lands of Harakiri (+15 hours of gameplay).
– 8 miniatures including 4 oversized ones among which is the 170 mm tall Seiryu Dragon.
– 178 cards.